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July 17, 2015

The Six Distinct Coverage of Car Insurance

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Car insurance have six distinct coverage which includes the following:

Liability for Body Injury

-it pays several expenses such as the medical expenses of those people who are injured and even killed in the car accident caused by you. It requires most of the countries to have a minimum coverage of $15,000 for all those persons who are involved in the auto accident with you and at least $30,000 for all those persons in the car accident.

Liability for Property Damage

-it covers all the damages caused by your car to the properties of others. Most of the time, the cars of other people involved in the accident can have this liability. It also cover all the damages that you have brought to buildings, garages, fences, lamppost and etc. It is required to most of countries which usually require a minimum coverage rate of $5,000.


-Collision is for all the damages done to your auto if it collides with other cars and with other objects because of your fault.


-Comprehensive covers all the damages done to your own car which resulted for something lie collision with the other vehicle. Some examples of comprehensive includes the damages caused by a tree blown by the wind hits your car, vandals, theft and etc.

Medical Payment

Medical payment pays all the medical concerns as well as the funeral expenses of your family members and passengers riding in your car in a collision disregard whoever caused the accident. It also includes a coverage for you which serves as a pedestrian if ever a vehicle hits you.

Motorists That Are Uninsured and Underinsured

– Motorists that are uninsured and underinsured is a coverage that pays for all the injuries of you and in several policies, the damages to your car if you are being hit by an irresponsible driver who does not have car insurance or by an individual who does not have enough car insurance that can over all the your loses. In several countries, there are more than 10 percent of drivers that doesn’t have any car insurance. In some countries, three out of ten vehicle drivers are driving even they don’t have their coverage.

A lot of people who do not have their car insurance doesn’t have the enough coverage to over all the injuries and damages that can possibly result to a major collision. If you are driving a vehicle and you don’t have enough coverage, you are taking a very big risk. Because of the fact that coverage are helpful for you, you can have the confidence that whatever accident that will happen to you in the road, you have something to get into for your needs as well as for the damages of life and properties that you have brought if you are the person who caused the accident. So it is very much important to be careful and to act professional every time you are driving any kind of vehicle.

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