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June 3, 2015

The Hidden Facts of Car Insurance

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Understanding all the things about car insurance is not that easy. It involves a lot of policies, guidelines, procedures and other requirements by car insurance providers. If you think that you are knowledgeable enough about the things with regards to auto insurance, you should think once again. Auto insurance have a number of hidden facts. Below are some of the facts that you might not know about car insurance:

Auto Insurance Fact Number 1: Your Credit Have an Impact to the Rate of Your Auto Insurance

If you are having a lot of credits, you should start paying them now because believe it or not, all your credits have a big impact to the rate of your auto insurance. Insurance providers have a strategy of finding out your credits in order for them to predict if on how you will have a claim for insurance. This characteristic is different from a bank that uses something to measure the risk of lending but insurers can make use of an insurance scores in conjunction which is credit based with other factors in order to access the submitted car insurance claim. These factors can include individual’s driving records, age, history of claim, the kind of car, the place of residence, the average miles that can be driven and a lot more.

Auto Insurance Fact Number 2: A Loyalty Brand Will Cost You More

If you think that car insurance is a matter of set and forget, you should reconsider it again. Before, there are several insurance companies that evaluated a list of factors in calculating the insurance premiums. Today, the list have become a labyrinth of criteria that is confusing which causes the rats of insurance differ from a provider to another provider.

Auto Insurance Fact Number 3: If You Stop Your Payment, You are going to pay more

If you think that when you switch from an auto insurance company to another is just easy like stopping your payment, then you should think twice. Surely, your insurance policy will be canceled but not your existing auto insurance company. They could report you the bureaus for a non-payment and for damaging the credit scores that you have in the process. The history of your insurance will show a cancellation that can possibly cause your target new provider to reject your application and they can charge you for a higher insurance premium in the near future. So it is important to make sure that you completed all the needed paperwork with your insurance provider especially a policy cancellation form as well as the time that you start your new policy and the date that you end your old policy.

These are just some of the hidden facts that you might not know about car insurance. So what you need to do before engaging to an insurance company is to learn more about the things that auto insurance cover for you not to regret it in the end.

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